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27 thoughts on “GTA Mods

  1. hey bro indra hi. i am sunny….
    can you make a dragon ball z vegeta ssj4 skin coz i finded but itz no where on the internet……….

  2. gan, mohon pencerahan nya..
    cara mengganti mod player..
    file yg d replace, yg mana nya yah?? ane udh pke img tool.. tp bingung. file yg hrus d replace yg mana.. d folder mana..
    mohon pencerahan nya..:D
    pngen ganti ama si sule nih… hehe:D

    • kalo mau ganti playernya…replace file yng ada di player.img di folder model…
      tapi kalo mod sulenya itu tipenya ped(pejalan kaki) jadi gak bisa di replace sama file player…

  3. Hi. indra bro i am prince and i had seen your all mods and you are awesome modder……
    and i hav a request can you please accept it…???
    the famous indian movie “rockstar” released in 2011 had a leading actor “ranbir kapoor” can you plz plz make his skin for gta sa with his long hair rockstar look its a request because i am a great fan of him…..

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  5. Hi, I downloaded your Claude Speed mod and when I try to start a game it doesn’t work. I kept on trying and nothing is happening. I also reinstalled my game 4 times and nothing is also happening.

  6. i saw the great work you did on the GTA SA Leon skin player model, it looks awesome! Now i got a unusual question, i only do this because i’m starting to get desperate really. I’m working on a Resident Evil Mod, i edited a skin to be the main skin, but for 4 days i tried to rig it without good results. Are you able to rig it for me? Or do you know anyone that can rig it?

    I tried Gmax, 3D Max, and both witout results, i hope you are able to help me.


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