29 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Please,can you fix the “cj nude erection mod” there is a bug with the 3d model, when you put a muscle cj his torso is big but his legs are very thin and looks horrible

  2. Hey man, your 3d models rock!
    I saw your page on Moddb and there was a picture of an awesome female nude mod. Can you release that? The original models were bad for their time, but now they’re just horrible 😦

  3. Hello, I have a small challenging idea for you, what about, making a cow pedestrian? Or a dog? These are harder to make sow will be a challenge.
    Hope you might give it a shot!;)

  4. Like your mods/skins ..asian beach grl great, (great job on chest ) keep up the good work ..I love re-skinning your nude mods a beta nude Candy-Suxx around U can send me!?

  5. no i mean…. my country dont allow me to download….. so pls can u put it on mediafire??? i keep getting 403 null error… Lol.

    • that suck..those guy stealing model from several games then combine it with model from other games….dont compare me with them…i create my own model…

  6. hi indra
    sorry for my English because i m french
    I just want to know if you can give me the permission to resize your creation “cj with erection” because he’s too long for the hot coffee mod
    you make good job and continue like that.

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